Will Vaccines Be Able To End the Pandemic?

When I first read this quote on March 8th 2021, I thought it sounded ludicrous.

 “For those with difficulty in understanding how mass vaccination drives viral immune escape, it will suffice to watch infectivity and morbidity rates in those countries who have now succeeded in vaccinating millions of people in just a few weeks (e.g. UK, Israel, US).”  Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, pHD

I thought it sounded ludicrous because received vaccines throughout my life. I’d wager I’ve had more vaccinations than the average person by about ten. Because I didn’t have proof of prior vaccinations when entering the military, I doubled up on my Hepatitis and a few other vaccinations. I knew the basic premise of how they worked. I’d maybe believe they were dangerous for certain people based on detox related mutations, but I never would imagine a vaccine could increase infectivity and morbidity of a virus.

In engineering school, I remember learning physics by doing experiments with dropping a ball, and measuring its height on its bounces.  Then we compared the heights achieved to equations that modeled its movement.  Typically, unless the measurements were incorrect, the bouncing ball would mimic the models set forth in the equations.  This is how science has been done for years. Theory, Test, Observe, Compare to Theory, and then determine if the Models of reality are sound.

What seems to be happening in the medical science world is Theory, Test, Observe Results Don’t Match Theory. Instead of then instead of questioning the original theory, they’re deciding to simply double down on boosters, based off the original strain that is not largely circulating any longer, and expecting to produce desired results.

To go back to my bouncing ball analogy, say the equations were wrong or you subbed in the double the value for gravity, your numbers would not match the behavior of ball. Instead of double-checking your equations, even though the equations have been used for years you’d just go try to bounce the ball from two times the height. 

Although many may not be aware, there are very intelligent people on both sides of the argument. Both sides emotionally, not typically rationally, attack each other and the divides are clear on both legacy and social media. I’d imagine most people would find it insane that someone would turn down a “95% effective” treatment for a disease – especially since nearly all of humanity is vaccinated against various other illnesses.

One side says the vaccines are safe, effective, and a key to ending the pandemic. What does effective mean?  At stopping symptoms?  At stopping transmission?  I’d expect all of these features from every vaccine I’ve been given up until this point in life, but this one was mainly designed to reduce symptoms. Even Operation Warpspeed mission statement reflects this along with this statement by the FDA: The Food and Drug Administration announced on 30 June 2020 that a vaccine would need to be at least 50% effective for diminishing the severity of COVID-19 symptoms to obtain regulatory and marketing approval.  There was no mention of stopping transmission or infection.

The other side includes the inventor of mRNA vaccines Robert Malone and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier. They claim there’s a chance that vaccines will make pandemic worse. This sounds ridiculous. The old me would’ve easily come to terms with these arguments: “we don’t know long term effects of mRNA vaccines” or “they’ve killed 18,000 people (verified on CDC VAERS database).” Those are all things one could reasonably say. But to say they’ll make it worse.  That’s anathema.  

As I learned more about these vaccines, I realized it was possible.  Because of my personal experience with C. Difficile, I have experience with an antibiotic resistant infection enabled by non-neutralizing antibiotics.   Now I’ve learned not only do antibiotics selectively enhance infections through killing off competition, so can non-neutralizing vaccines. They can enable proliferation of “vaccine resistant” viral particles.

This post presents a very sound theory on why highly vaccinated countries are having more COVID cases. The theory matches reality.  Some claim this is because the vaccinated are out doing activities not scared of the virus, but dismisses that the unvaccinated aren’t scared enough of the virus to get vaccinated so they likely are not restricting activities.

To be clear, I’ve had COVID19. I have antibodies against the (N)ucleocapsid protein. My wife does as well. We caught it in October 2021 so it was likely the Delta strain. 

Much of this information was found in this link. I reorganized it. I corrected grammar, spelling, wordiness, and formatting. I also fact checked, link checked, and added more recent studies to the collection.

Index: Post Structure


Appendix A – Current vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) have narrow focus on generating antibodies against only the SARS-COV-2 S(pike) protein; not other three N(ucleocapsid), E(nvelope), or M(embrane) proteins

Appendix B – Because of narrow focus, mutation of merely one protein in one viral particle, which can then replicate, can cause immune escape which could make the virus more virulent against vaccinated and unvaccinated people

Appendix C – Natural immunity confers protection against all four proteins; Also how vaccines, in the UK, appear to be interfering with vaccinated individuals forming immunity against the N(ucleocapsid) protein post-infection – this is troubling

Appendix D – How alternative treatments, one of which I used for my family – all of which survived – are effective, but would cease legal use of EUA vaccines                                            

Appendix E – mRNA vaccines “reprogram” human cells to create S(pike) proteins;  unfortunately, S protein itself is dangerous; in addition the mRNA generating the spikes doesn’t stay in the injection site as it is marketed                      

Appendix F – Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) risk associated with being vaccinated against a Coronavirus; this was very well documented with SARS-CoV-1 vaccines

Appendix G – Autoimmune risk – we’re already seeing this in the rise of myocarditis – especially in young people; mRNA reaches heart cells creating spike proteins, the immune response inflames and damages the heart – younger people have a stronger immune reaction

Appendix H – Adverse Reactions from Vaccines

Appendix I – Experts

Appendix J – Charts  

Appendix A: Narrow Focus of Current COVID19 Vaccines


  • Traditional vaccines, such as what’s currently being designed for COVID19 by NovaVax, enable immune response to all proteins of the virus – similar to natural infection
  • The current COVID19 vaccines (J&J, Pfizer, Moderna) encourage immune focus on just the S(pike) protein when they could have been designed to target more proteins
  • SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID19, has 4 main proteins:  S (spike), M (membrane), and E (envelope) proteins are on outside, while N (nucleocapsid) protein is on inside
  • With a natural infection the body will likely produce antibodies for all or most of these proteins
  • From studies on SARS-COV-1, scientists knew antibodies to S and M-proteins would effectively neutralize SARS-COV-2



  • Vaccines could’ve been designed to focus on both S and M proteins, but were not
  • They instead focus on only S-protein
  • Vaccines would’ve been much more effective if focused on both particles since mutated virus particles would have to mutate both S and M to avoid antibodies 
  • Virus only has to mutate the S protein which is somewhat easy and enables mutant virus particles (variant strains), that evade the vaccine, to become predominant
  • Exponentially harder for organism to mutate two beneficial traits vs mutating one trait



Risk and Evidence of Mass Vaccination Campaigns Causing Enhanced Immune Escape (Stronger Variants) 



  • In spite of media claims new variants are from unvaccinated, there is a more plausible theory out that seems to be playing out in every highly vaccinated country (see Israel, Gibraltar, UK, Netherlands cases) compared to every low vaccinated country (see India, Sweden, southern US cases). 
  • Vaccine enhanced immune escape occurs when a weak vaccine creates new variants. This happens in the same way as antibiotic resistance through evolution. If you want to make an organism stronger, you put it under evolutionarily unfavorable conditions. This will get rid of all the weak examples of the organism and leave the strong ones.

Examples with Temperature and Antibiotics:

  • For example, to create highly heat resistant bacteria, put a petri dish of bacteria under moderately high heat killing most of the bacteria. Save the small minority that was able survive the heat, allow them to replicate, and repeat the process while turning up the heat a little each time. Once complete, there will be a population full of bacteria that are extremely heat resistant.
  • The same process occurs with antibiotic resistance. If one stops taking antibiotics before killing off all bacteria they will leave the small percentage that were slightly more resistant, and now they flourish.  All the normal bacteria that mutant variants had to compete with are now gone so antibiotic resistant bacteria are now the alpha strain that have unlimited resources and so surge in population. This also happens with viruses and vaccines.


Appendix B How Narrow Vaccine Designs, such as these focused only on the Spike Protein, Might Create Dangerous Variants:


If a vaccine elicits an immune response, it creates an unfavorable environment for the virus. However, because these vaccines only affects the original strain spike protein particles of the virus, it will leave behind mutant virus particles not hindered by vaccine induced antibodies. These mutant particles were a small part of the viral load and unlikely transmitted to the next person. Now, the mutant virus particles replicate rapidly because they no longer compete with other virus particles.  In addition, the vaccine induced response is not effective against them. The vaccinated individual is now highly likely to transmit these mutant particles to another vaccinated person without defense.  Previously, they would not have been able to leave the host in a significant viral load.

In terms of creating variants, the current COVID vaccines are poor for three reasons:

  • First, some vaccine manufacturers require two shots and now also boosters because they produce a very weak immune response
  • Second, these vaccines are leaky
    • Even after someone gets a full immune response from both shots, they can still get and transmit the virus onto others
    • The virus particles likely to get passed on will be virus particles with the ability to multiply quickly while avoiding antibodies produced by vaccines. This will create very virulent and antibody resistant variants
    • As boosters are implemented, stronger variants will come at faster rates
  • Third, the vaccines do seem to help reduce the severity of the disease when people are infected (although this may change as variants emerge)
    • If one has minimal symptoms, but can still get and transmit the virus, then one won’t realize they’re sick and they’ll spread the virus to more people asymptomatically
    • Because of bullet A, the vaccines will increase transmission by creating more and more asymptomatic carriers
  • On variant creation Unvaccinated vs Vaccinated:
    • There is a claim that the unvaccinated are causing the emergence of new vaccine resistant variants. The unvaccinated absolutely can facilitate the creation of new variants. However, it would require a statistically enormous number of people to get the virus before they could produce a new variant by chance. This is because a mutant virus particles only make up a small portion of the virus population inside a person’s body. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that this particular particle would spread to another.
    • Whereas, in the vaccinated, the immune response specifically selects to enable proliferation of mutant variants. It is highly likely that if a vaccinated person passes on the virus to another person, the particles passed on will be those with ability to escape from the immune response elicited by the vaccines.
    • Think of an experiment with 500 room temperature petri dishes filled with bacteria and 500 heated petri dishes with bacteria
      • A heat resistant strain emerges. It would not make sense to think that the heat resistant strain of bacteria came from room temperature petri dishes. It is possible, but improbable that heat resistant strain appeared in a room temp petri dish
      • Logically, statistically, and evolutionarily, it had to come from the heated petri dishes
      • It’s a very basic and obvious conclusion, but everyone is trying to tell us the opposite is true:  that the unvaccinated (room temp petri dishes) are where the vaccine resistant strains are coming from




Appendix C: Natural Immunity



  • Science has confirmed for decades that once you are infected with a virus or disease, your body creates a robust immune response, including antibodies, memory T cells and B cells. These cells stick around so that you can quickly respond to a new infection
  • This is being ignored by those who are encouraging mass vaccination programs
  • Mass vaccination programs strictly which focus on antibody levels do not accurately summarize immunity to an illness for they discount T-cells, B-Cells and CD cells
  • Early in the pandemic, we could say SARS-CoV-2 is novel, and perhaps immunity wanes after a time
    • This assumption was prudent early in the pandemic, but now we have lots of evidence that the COVID recovered have a near zero chance of getting sick again
    • The body takes a few weeks and months to build up its antibodies after an infection – often it is during this time the second infection takes place
  • Early Singapore and general Asian immunity to SARS-CoV-2 was attributed to T-Cell Immunity from SARS-CoV-1 infections in 2002; oddly Singapore’s recent case rate implies potentially something altered the natural immunity status of citizens
  • Sweden’s early “natural immunity” strategy was strongly criticized, but they are doing much better against present day variants than countries that achieved higher vaccination rates (see in charts section)




Appendix D: Alternative Treatments


  • There are alternative treatments that are effective against COVID19
  • However, while they are FDA approved for other illness, they’re not FDA approved for COVID19
  • The emergency use authorization (EUA) for vaccines that was initially granted can only be granted if “there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives”
  • For vaccines to continue to receive their EUA, the existence of these treatments must be suppressed. We have seen a huge amount of censorship of doctors who have been speaking out about these drugs
  • There is widespread belief that the FDA approved the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine, but they approved the “identical formula, legally distinct” COMIRNATY vaccine which is not available in the US

Evidence that Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine are “Safe and Effective”





Appendix E: Spike Protein


  • The mRNA vaccines, unlike traditional vaccines, “reprogram” cells to generate the Coronavirus’ Spike Protein to elicit immune response to the Spike Protein
  • Traditional vaccines use attenuated virus so body recognizes all virus proteins and mount immune response in future when contact made (reduces risk of successful mutations)
  • Evidence illustrates that the Spike Protein itself is dangerous to cells
  • Wild infection gives only temporary exposure (during viral replication) to spike protein whereas vaccine spike protein exposure may be significantly longer as human cells produce spikes
  • Spike protein has two parts:  S1 subunit, S2 subunit
    • S1 connects to the ACE2 receptor, and S2 acts like a knife stabbing the cell membrane facilitating fusion between the human cell membrane and the envelope of the virus
    • Vaccine manufacturers thought it would make the spike protein safe by modifying the S2 subunit so it could not open up cell membranes if it connects with any ACE2 receptors
    • Unfortunately, the S1 subunit alone causes major damage when just connecting to the ACE2 receptor
    • S1, by itself without S2, still causes ACE2 receptor to start the cell signaling processes that cause mitochondrial damage, pro-inflammatory response, and blood clots
  • mRNA was designed with PEG polymers on the outside so the immune system cannot pick them up and destroy them
    • The PEG is what Byram Bridle says is the reason the vaccine’s mRNA can travel throughout the body and since it does not have targeting ligands, it can transfect any type of cell (heart, kidney, brain, liver)
    • mRNA is reaching heart cells -> creates spike proteins -> immune system responds creating massive inflammation in heart


Studies on Dangers of Spike Protein (whether from natural source or vaccine):



Appendix F: Antibody Dependent Enhancement Risk


There are a few viruses, such as Dengue or previous Coronavirus strains, that have had vaccine induced antibodies make illness worse when an individual comes in contact with the wild-type virus.  With such quick delivery of the vaccines, this possibility cannot be claimed to have been fully tested for and eliminated.  With the virus mutating, ADE may occur with a future variant.


One Method of ADE:

  • Occurs when virus mutates so antibodies don’t neutralize the virus but they still try to attach to it
  • Helps virus get into immune cells because when the virus is covered with antibodies it draws macrophages to dispose of the virus
  • When macrophages come to dispose of virus particle they think has been neutralized, the virus gets inside them and starts replicating because the antibodies didn’t neutralize the virus
  • Essentially the antibodies act like a kind of Trojan Horse


Second Method of ADE:

  • Antibodies connect to cell receptors and help the virus directly get in cells
  • This occurred with the Dengue vaccine




Appendix G: Autoimmune Risk


  • Autoimmune conditions are when the immune system begins to recognize particular body cells as dangerous and attacks them
  • Long term there is a potential for an autoimmune response from the vaccines
    • The vaccines that were developed for SARS-CoV-1 used the spike protein, just like the vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines
    • Unfortunately, those vaccines caused the animals to develop serious autoimmune disorders causing severe organ damage
  • There is a question about whether these new vaccines, which also focus on the spike protein, will also cause autoimmune disorders
  • The problem is that autoimmune disorders take time to show up
  • Usually, in a vaccine trial you closely monitor your trial group for decades
  • Another concern is that because of the way the mRNA vaccines work, they cause your own cells to present as foreign entities
  • The Precautionary Principle is not being followed
    • This has never been done before in human history
    • We have no idea if there will be long term consequences for this and whether this will lead to autoimmune disorders




Appendix H: Adverse Reactions


  • Growing amount of data about people having severe reactions to the vaccines including death
  • Excess mortality is up significantly (+20% over average) in many of the higher vaccination rate countries and the deaths are not considered related to the vaccines or COVID19
  • Excess mortality is much higher in 2021 than 2020 – the opposite of what should’ve happened when vaccines were introduced when both years occurred during a Pandemic
  • Reporting into the VAERS Database is economically a tax
    • It takes a significant amount of time to enter the data
    • There is no incentive for reporting
    • Write-up process requires several layers of approval
  • The VAERS system was created in 1990s to act as an of early warning system and to give transparency to the public after previous botched vaccine rollouts like the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine
    • In the past, if a vaccine hit 50 deaths or a few hundred adverse reactions on these reporting systems, they would shutdown the vaccination program
    • There are concerns that these reports are being made in error or by bad actors.
    • However, research has been done into these systems and it was found that more than 80% of the adverse reactions had seemingly no other cause or explanation aside from the vaccine
  • As of writing this, there have been related to COVID19 vaccines:
    • 18,461 deaths
    • 29,104 permanently disabled
    • 875,651 adverse reactions
  • VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System put in place in 1990. It is a voluntary reporting system that has been estimated to account for only 1% (see the Lazarus Report) of vaccine injuries. 
  • OpenVAERS is built from the HHS data available for download at vaers.hhs.gov.




List of Recent Athlete Deaths (Correlation or Causation):



Appendix I: List of Medical Experts who Dissent from Mass Vaccination Response during Pandemic


  • Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PHD
  • Dr. Robert Malone (the architect of mRNA technology used in COVID19 vaccines)
  • Peter McCullough, MD, MPH
  • Nobel Prize Winner French Virologist, HIV Finder Luc Montagnier
  • Dr. Byram Bindle
  • Dr. Pierre Kory
  • Dr. Ryan Cole


Data Analysis:


Appendix J: Pictures