Stock Market Indicators – January 20th, 2016

As most of you have probably noticed, we’re switching to a subscription service for our trading information.  It is a work in progress with setting up all the “members only” material.

It’s bittersweet for us to no longer offer free information in the world of the “everything’s free” internet.  Our indicators have proven themselves time and time again the last six years.  We’re going to improve our services, and provide guarantees of punctual actionable posts for making intelligent investing decisions.

We pay over $1000 per year for the services we use to offer guidance in the financial markets.  A small subscription fee gets access to that data, our experience, and knowledge.

If you subscribe, you’ll get: (1) daily updates on our indicators and (2) posts within the “members only” section during the trading day so you can view our unique insights on the current state of the US stock market.  If you decide not to subscribe, we will continue to post our indicators in the “free” section occasionally and the information may be several weeks out of date.

Stay tuned.  US markets are currently oversold in the short and medium term.