My Stock Indicators – 1/10/18

Hi Everyone, It’s been awhile.  I’m still alive, and still interested in the stock market, economics, and health.  I’ve unfortunately been busy at work, with a new house, and wasting time on social media.

My experiment with failed – I didn’t invest as much time as needed into it, and so much good content is free these days on other sites.  Oh well – back to free – maybe buy some stuff on Amazon using my links or click ads, or just share the good word.

Long term is very overbought as the S&P appears to be going parabolic.

Medium term is also overbought and appears to have had rising bottoms since my last buy point in February of 2016.  Eventually this trend will exhaust itself.

Short term is overbought, and lagging recent highs.  A lot of what is rising recently seems to be some of the “forgotten” stocks – the laggards of the recent rally.  Normally this means a given cycle is nearly over, but everything the past 10 years has just been constant sector rotation from strong to weak and weak back to strong.

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