Scott Schlegel’s Stock Market Indicators – August 2nd, 2019

It’s hard to believe I’ve been publishing my indicators and ideas since October 20th, 2009 – starting with my blog – which now has over 145,000 independent views in spite of zero marketing. Certainly have been wrong plenty at identifying tops, but also certainly right in identifying tradeable bottoms in each leg of the now longest bull market in history.

Those who know me know my passion is slowly getting reignited for the markets. I had been burned badly after some great success which zapped much of my confidence. But I’m back and actually have the freedom to follow my indicators. And now that a lot of my home projects are getting wrapped up, I’m going to get back into the health space and potentially the “opinion” space again which I have avoided.

Ultra short term is slightly oversold. Can go lower.
Short term is slightly oversold. Also can go lower.
Medium term is unfortunately neutral which means there is absolutely no reason to believe this 3% sell-off has finished.
Long term is also no where near oversold which is detrimental for the same reasons listed for the medium term indicator.