Great Lakes Hydrolyzed Gelatin – High Glycine/Low Tryptophan Protein Powder for supporting connective tissue and metabolism

Nutiva Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil – Low in Phytic Acid and Other Gut Irritants, High in Medium Chain Saturated Fats

Grass Fed Ghee – High in Short Chain Fatty Acids

Jacobsen’s Kosher Salt – A salt recently documented to be low in lead

Jacobsen’s Flake Salt – A salt used for topping steaks or other rich foods also low in lead

Beef Liver Powder – High in B-6, Vitamin A and Copper

Naked Whey from Cows* – High in BCAAs, quick, easy solution for balancing with gelatin

Naked Whey from Goats* – High in BCAAs, quick, easy solution for balancing with gelatin

Naked Casein from Cows – Slow digesting, anti-inflammatory protein high in BCAA

BulkSupplements Grass Fed Whey Isolate – 90% protein, low in fat and lactose which can be problematic for those with weak digestion

Pea Protein – Vegan protein powder boasting a good amino acid profile low in methionine, cysteine and tryptophan.

Brown Rice Protein – Vegan protein powder boasting a nice complementary amino acid profile to pea protein.  Rice does have a little bit too much methionine and cystine, but has more valine, leucine and tyrosine than pea.

Kefir Grains – May help those with problems breaking down lactose; makes your own Kefir at home

Tera’s Vanilla Whey Protein* – Has Vanilla flavor for people who care what stuff tastes like, low in bad stuff, need to balance use with gelatin (above)

Tera’s Chocolate Whey Protein* – Has Chocolate flavor for people who care what stuff tastes like, low in bad stuff, need to balance use with gelatin (above) –

Einkorn Wheat Flour – Unbleached, unbromated, non-hyridized wheat flour that can be used by gluten sensitive individuals

Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate Morsels – Soy free Dark Chocolate. Less expensive per ounce than other Dark Chocolates. Chocolate is high in natural magnesium and copper.  It is high in fat so moderation is needed.  That said, they are “good” in that it is mostly saturated and monounsaturated fats

Superfine Sweet Rice Flour – A low allergen flour that can be used to create baked goods with similar texture to wheat flour. To be used in a 2:1 ratio with potato or tapioca starch for gluten-free, low phytic acid baked goods.

Potato Starch – To be mixed with rice flour in a 1:2 ratio for a gluten-free, low phytic acid flour.

Tapioca Flour / Starch – To be mixed with potato starch or rice flour for a gluten-free, low phytic acid flour.

Acerola Cherry Powder – Another brand of Food-based source of vitamin C.

Sunfood Wild Brazil Nuts – Loaded with selenium.  Good dietary source of selenium and magnesium.  Recommend soaking in acidic liquid then dehydrating to ensure better digestibility.

Bob’s Red Mill Rye Flour – Unbromated / Unbleached flour.  This light flour typically has lower phytic acid content than other wheat-like flours which makes it better for making sourdough bread.

*Whey protein is not advocated by most people who believe they are practicing Ray Peat’s ideas due to its slightly higher tryptophan content.  However, it is easy for me to digest, and whey protein is the richest source of BCAA on earth which helps deplete tryptophan.


Tru Thyroid – Natural Desiccated Thyroid that contains both T4 and T3

Cynoplus – Synthetic T4 and T3 in proper ratios

Cynomel – Synthetic T3

Pregnenolone – The mother of all hormones which is formed by Vitamin A, Cholesterol and Thyroid Hormone T3

DHEA – Converts into Testosterone.  Caution:  Take no more than 10 mg a day.  The body cannot handle more because it will end up being converted to estrogen which cannot be excreted efficiently enough.

Progesterone –  Protective hormone that helps oppose excessive androgens (testosterone, DHEA, DHT and Estrogen)  and balance hormones.  Males, please be careful with this.

TyroMax – Haidut’s combination of porcine / bovine natural desiccated thyroid Several Different Brands (Nature-Throid, Armour) of Mainstream Natural Desiccated Thyroid such as Nature-Throid, ERFA or Armour

Vitamins – Fat Soluble

Nutrisorb-A Vitamin A – Helps recycle Vitamin E, balance hormones and form pregnenolone

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) Powder – Helps balance hormones and form pregnenolone

Seeking Health Vitamin A Drops – Comparable to Nutrisorb-A above

Thorne Vitamin D – Helps with mood and metabolism

Country Life Vitamin D – No omega-6 oils. Just Vitamin D and MCT Oil.

AC Grace Unique E – Helps prevent lipid peroxidation and balance hormones

Life Extension Gamma E – Helps prevent lipid peroxidation and balance hormones

Thorne Vitamin K2 (MK-4 form) – Helps prevent osteoperosis and calcification of glands and arteries.  Helps keep teeth white.  Can reverse hair loss in high doses by de-calcifying the scalp.

Life Extension Super Vitamin K (K1, K2-MK4, K2-Mk7) – Helps prevent osteoperosis and calcification of glands and arteries.  Helps keep teeth white.

Doctor’s Best K2 (MK-7 form) – Non-synthetic form of K2.  Not from soybeans – from fermented chickpeas.  Helps prevent osteoperosis and calcification of glands and arteries.  Helps keep teeth white.  Can reverse hair loss in high doses by de-calcifying the scalp.

Vitamins – Water Soluble

Thiamine  (Vitamin B1) – Helps metabolize sugar, protein and fat. Known for reversing Alzheimer’s Disease in very high doses (6-8 grams a day).

Riboflavin 5 Phosphate (Vitamin B2) – Supports NAD+/NADH ratio and ATP production.  This ratio is indicative of how “oxidized” cells are, and a measure of the metabolic rate / cellular respiration.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) – Reduces free fatty acids and increases cholesterol metabolism

Niacin (Vitamin B3)- Real Flushing Niacin – may be preferred by some people as it does affect cholesterol levels

Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate (Vitamin B6, Active Form) – take no more than 10mg a day for internal use.  Can also be absorbed into Vodka and DMSO for topical use.  Suppresses PRL, reduces cortisol receptors

Biotin (Vitamin B8) – Restores glucose metabolism in diabetic patients, take with sugar to avoid feelings of “Hangry-ness” associated with a dramatic drop in blood sugar

Pure Encapsulations B-Compex – Contains no folic acid which can be toxic to people with MTHFR genetic defect.  Contains minimal excipients.  Contains the preferred form of B-12.

Thorne B-Complex #12 – Contains two active forms of B-12 and the preferred form of folate.

Mitochondria form of B12 – B12 is deficient in vegetarian diets – this form is easy to absorb even with compromised digestion.


Food Grade Magnesium Chloride – This claims to be safe for internal use.  It seems these crystals are pulled from Dead Sea salts.  Perfect for making Mag-a-hol by mixing with 80 or 100 proof Vodka (contains Glycerine)

Magnesium Chloride Spray – The preferred form of magnesium that doesn’t causes gastrointestinal distress.  Easy to use after showers.  Improves metabolism, insulin sensitivity and reduces testosterone conversion into estrogen.

Calcium Carbonate – Eggshell calcium is preferred.  Releases large amounts of CO2 while digested.  Improves metabolism and reduces prolactin (PRL) and parathyroid (PTH) levels.

Calcium Phosphate – This works well to supply to most abundant minerals in the body.  This is the same form of calcium predominantly found in milk.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes – Used in your bath for magnesium intake through the skin.

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Baking Soda – Used to help boost CO2 levels.  Use on empty stomach with water.

Copper Glycinate – Helps to balance with zinc supplementation.  Take between a 10:1 and 5:1 ratio with zinc.

Magnesium Glycinate – Potentiates 200+ enzyme reactions in the body.  This form does not give me any gastric issues.

ReMag – Source of “picometer-sized” magnesium chloride, supports glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, reduces formation of estrogen by inhibiting aromatase enzyme.  Unsure if these are really picometer-sized as they claim – but this is good stuff that doesn’t empty your colon

ReMyte – “Picometer-sized” mineral supplement – providing salt version of most minerals.  Some research shows that mineral salts are less reactive, and therefore, safer than other forms of minerals.

Herbs and Teas

Aged Cascara Sagrada – Helps improve bowel transit time which helps reduce the toxic load on the body

Silver Needle White Tea – Helps boost endogenous enzyme production: Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Anti-Collagenase, Anti-Elastase

Astragalus Root Powder – Boost production of telomerase which may reduce the effects of aging. Use as a tea.

Bamboo Leaf Tea – Rich in organic silica which may help the body use calcium, and may support connective tissue, hair and nails


Methylene Blue (MB) – Supports NAD+/NADH ratio, mitochondrial biogenesis, reduces fatty liver

Methylene Blue (MB) from – Has a Certificate of Analysis proving low contaminants

Amino Acids

Branched Chain Amino Acids – Helps maintain muscle mass while dieting; depletes trypotophan

Taurine – Boosts dopamine formation

Glycine – Anti-inflammatory amino acid

Phenylalanine – Should be taken if diet contains BCAA and is low in other protein sources

Tyrosine – Should be taken if diet contains BCAA and is low in other protein sources

Other Gear

Paper Bags – Bag breathing may help relieve anxiety and increase serum CO2 levels

Red light – Red light improves metabolism

Red sunglasses – Red light improves metabolism

Aspirin Powder – Reduces inflammation.  Can be used topically or internally.

Incandescent Light Bulb – Contains full spectrum light (unlike fluorescent bulbs)

Food Grade Hardwood Activated Charcoal – Helps keep gut healthy and removes toxins

Aquasana Shower Filter – Removes Chlorine from water; cons – body of filter can get in way of large shower heads

Sprite Shower Filter – Removes Chlorine from water; pros – high flow rate, good looking; cons – high flow rate may mean less chlorine removal

Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Filter – Removes Chlorine and Chloramine from water; works at high temperatures unlike charcoal filters

Infrared Light (small) – Supports mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase.  You’ll need to buy this charger and block out the photodetector per the directions below.

Infrared Light (large) – Supports mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase.  Comes with charger.  You will need to block the photodetector so it works with other light around.  See Dan Wich’s site for instructions.

Theradome Red Light Helmet – Restores graying or thinning hair, used to treat Alzheimers and Dementia as well.

LLLT (Red Light) Helmet DIY Instructions – An option to make your own helmet similar to Theradome.  The owner also will make you helmets if you pay him enough.

Personal Hygiene

Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant – Doesn’t contain aluminum; the only natural deodorant that seems to work

ThereaNeem Scalp Therape Shampoo – Low in bad ingredients

ThereNeem Scalp Therape Conditioner – Low in bad ingredients

Nutribiotic Coconut Oil Soap – Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral soap

Nubian Heritage Lotion – Low in bad ingredients

Stony Brook Oil Free Lotion – Oil free lotion great for adding caffeine, niacinamide, etc; some people’s skin does better with little or no oil for moisturizing.  Oil is hydrophobic.

Cellulite Cream – Contains caffeine, retinol and cocoa butter to help heal skin affected by cellulite

Derma Roller – For stretch marks, cellulite, scars

Disclaimer – While this is called a “Ray Peat Shop,” not all items are based on his ideas.  Some of the suggestions are my own.  Also, please remember getting nutrients from your food is preferred.  See my post here for food sources of what I consider the most important nutrients.