How to Get Rid of Acne

Most of my uncles had pretty bad acne while growing up. I had so much acne that I had to take three separate cycles of Accutane, and was about to start my fourth when I was 22 and discovered other methods for preventing it.  Based on my experiences and knowledge, here is how I recommend trying to get rid of acne.

This must have to do with genetics. But that doesn’t mean there is no solution. Genetics are interesting. Genes may be simply malfunctioning due to poor ancestral diets in your family tree. These malfunctions may make you require more of certain nutrients than other “normal” people you know. Remember that just because someone has clear skin without needing more nutrients doesn’t mean that they have better genes than you, they may have other faults you don’t know about. The reason I mention the last part is that no one wants to feel like they, specifically, are broken. You’re not. No one is. Your genes can behave and be changed to act like everyone else’s. In fact, taking action now MAY improve the lives of your descendants.  Here are my top recommendations on how to get rid of acne.


Gut health has always played an important role in suppressing my acne. Performing an Ayurveda medicine solution like an urine enema protocol can work (Google it), but it still will not fix whatever nutrient imbalance that exists causing hormone imbalance and inadequate detoxification.

Cascara sagrada, activated charcoal, and just good old fashioned carrot fiber, from eating carrots, will help your gut move faster than the Indy 500. I do recommend using a bidet or wet wipes to ensure you’re clean and to reduce any irritation.

Try to minimize consumption of indigestible foods – plant leaf fiber, fruit skin, husks from grains, nuts, seeds are all typically indigestible. While they provide bulk matter for pushing out fecal matter, they can irritate your gut, increasing serotonin and gut permeability making matters worse. Fruit juice, cheese, dairy, meat, seafood are all typically easily digested. Let the animal rumens do the work for you. If it gives you gas, don’t eat it. If you have trouble digesting dairy, try consuming it with salt.


Oysters are nature’s best source of digestible zinc and selenium. Both are very important for hormone balancing and many other functions in the body. People often talk about magnesium as an enabler of 200 enzymatic reactions in the body. Zinc enables 500+ enzymatic reactions.

Beef liver is high in B Vitamins, Copper which works with Zinc, and pre-formed Vitamin A. Pre-formed Vitamin A, also known as Pro-Vitamin-A or Retinol is essentially low-dose Accutane. If I ever find a monster forming under my skin, I eat a little liver, and like magic, it’s gone. I had a friend with consistent shingles on his back. I convinced him to start eating liver, and it cleared up.

Lots of people speculate on what the “magic” of beef liver is. I’d guess that since the liver is loaded with mitochondria that it contains all nutrients (lipoic acid, CoQ10, creatine) for making energy and regeneration. The liver is also responsible for converting thyroid hormone T4 into the more powerful T3, which acts on every cell in the body and forms all major hormones with vitamin A and cholesterol. Because of this, liver is probably high in both thyroid hormones.

If you can’t tolerate the taste of beef liver, try Now Foods Beef Liver Powder mixed in a little milk.  A tablespoon a day should keep your face looking like a Maybelline model’s.


Some of the trainers I’ve used don’t consider any zinc supplements safe. However, I’ve had success with them. The L-Optizinc form used in Solaray Zinc Copper or Jarrow Zinc Balance seems to work. Zinc picolinate, from my research, is the second most absorbable. Spread your consumption out across brands and types to reduce any potential negative side effects from a single type. Spread your consumption throughout the day – mix it with a gallon of orange juice, water or milk.  Ensure you’re getting enough copper to offset any potential negative effects from excess zinc.  Zinc to copper ratio should be somewhere in the range of 10:1 to 5:1.  You can get copper from liver, copper supplements or chlorophyll supplements.

Pay attention to your body. Take more if it still isn’t fixing your problems. If you start to get nausea or headaches, you’re taking too much. Start slow.


Nutrisorb-A is a brand I’ve used. Make sure this is NOT beta carotene. The popular acne drug, Accutane, is essentially super vitamin A. If you aren’t eating beef liver or dairy, you’re likely deficient in vitamin A. Be careful, you can overdose, but it takes a lot. Experiment with it and see what works for you.


I prefer the AC Grace brand of vitamin E. Most typical diets are deficient in vitamin E – to verify, load your typical diet into and see what it says. Vitamin E protects you from excess androgens – such as estrogen, which may be related to acne. Vitamin E also protects your fats from breaking down and causing “lipid peroxidation” which is related to all major diseases.  Seriously. Google a disease and “lipid peroxidation.”  Alzheimers, Cancer, etc.


Magnesium is another mineral that is difficult to get from the diet unless you want to eat seeds/nuts all day and crap your brains out, or if  can spare 30 minutes every day to take an Epsom salt bath. The other draw back with seeds/nuts is that they are full of phytic acid and other anti-nutrients which may even prevent the absorption of magnesium anyways. I recommend the Natural Vitality Calm. Concentrace from Trace Minerals and Spray On Magnesium can also be used.


Unsaturated fats go rancid at fairly low temperatures. Saturated fats protect them from doing so. I recommend a 2:1 ratio of saturated fat to unsaturated fat intake. Coconut oil is the most saturated fat on earth. Cow’s milk is probably second highest.  Cocoa butter is also high. I’d specifically avoid pig fat, vegetable oil and chicken fat as all are high in omega 6 fatty acids (PUFAs) which which interfere with thyroid hormone production, detoxification, cause inflammation, and have  given me acne.