How to Cure C. Diff Part 2 of 2

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Disclaimer:  Again… please see a doctor.  C. Diff can kill you.  I believe my cure worked for me and two others.  However, it may not work for you and may not be safe for you.  Most of mainstream medicine considers this bacteria borderline incurable (permanently) so it is unlikely a guy with a blog singlehandedly figured it out.  This article does not constitute medical advice.  I am not a doctor.  I am not liable for anything you do to yourself.

The Story Continues

Although this article was written in January 2019, I have been C. Diff free since July 2016.

We left off with me being able to germinate the bacteria shortly after ending my Vancomycin cycle. The game was on.  Bacteria, fungus and yeast are smart.  But humans are smarter of course.  It just took some problem solving and a miracle bacteria strain.

I read through forums all day every day.  Being unable to sleep due to not knowing when the next run to the bathroom would occur left me spastically reading through as much as I could regarding C. Diff.  I kept noticing certain people would get C. Diff, take Flagyl and then never come back to forums.  And then a lot of the opposite: people like me that just kept getting reinfected 3 months later, 6 months later, or a year later.  This led me to believe there are contextual factors to curing the infection based on overall immunity and overall gut health.  Otherwise, the standard Flagyl cycle or even Vancomycin would just cure everyone.

At the time, I was also reading the Ray Peat-Sphere’s obsession about SIBO.  I initially thought they were related.  But they’re not. C Diff infects mostly the large intestine.  The same treatment for the small intestine might not work for the large intestine. Fortunately reading about SIBO forced me to learn a lot about biofilms (films that microorganisms form to protect from toxic substances like antibiotics) and quorom sensing (communication amongst flora).  Bacteria and fungus use these to protect themselves.  In addition to Biofilm formation, C Diff is spore forming making it even harder to beat as most antibiotics don’t kill the spores.

The random dosing schedule of Vancomycin is designed to get the bacteria unable to guess when it should be in spore state or vegetative.  The spores are resistant to Vancomycin and Flagyl. This means it makes sense to germinate the spores as much as possible simultaneous to administering the antibiotic. This sounds scary because the vegetative state is what causes the diarrhea.  To do so, one should be using lots of Taurine and Glycine, and/or Gelatin to maximize germination of the Spores per part 1 of this article.  That said, if using these in conjunction with antibiotics leads to continued out of control diarrhea, slow down use or stop use.  Continued diarrhea can kill you by excessively damaging the intestine.

After my last dose of Vancomycin, I reluctantly decided to try germinating the spores with Taurine and Glycine.  It was still there.  I immediately felt pain and something churning.  What next?  I knew it was either MMS (see below) or fecal matter transplant (via pills or enema). I had purchased many, many probiotics and other supplements and used them orally while using Vanco hoping to improve its efficacy.

Possible Therapies:

The following items were used alongside the Vanco and Flagyl throughout my time with C. Diff to illustrate some ways of controlling the infection, but not necessarily curing it in my case although your mileage may vary.

  • Berberine HCL – a root prebiotic studied for preventing C. Diff relapse (1)
  • S. Boulardi – a beneficial yeast commonly credited for assisting with reducing C. Diff quantities (2) 
  • Iodine – a halogen for reacting with tyrosine in bacteria cell walls to degrade them (3)
  • Turpentine – a quorom sensing disrupter similar to maple syrup
  • Maple Syrup in large amounts – simple sugars (mostly monosaccharides – easier to digest) and quorom sensing disrupter
  • Barley Water – a common over the counter cure for C. Diff which helped stop the Diarrhea but didn’t beat the infection
  • Chitosan – the active ingredient in barley water, or also sourced from Shrimp shells (documented efficacy at physically removing spores from colon)
  • Manuka Honey in large amounts – known antibiotic like effects
  • Vitamin K – known antibiotic effects
  • L-Glutamine – known to assist with intestine wall repairs
  • Collagen – antiinflammatory and gut soothing EXCEPT also encourages C Diff spores to germinate which is desired while using antibiotics
  • Kefir – a fermented milk product to introduce other bacteria that did not cause diarrhea like milk did.  Note that you cannot use this with UHT milk which maybe should tell you your gut bacteria also cannot handle UHT milk (high in lactulose – undigested)
  • Taurine and Glycine – to continue germinating the spores
  • Orthobiotic Powder
  • Heather’s Acacia Tummy Fiber
  • 5 Day Max Care Raw Probiotic
  • Colloidal Silver
  • B. Coagulans
  • Ukraine Probiotic BioSporin containing B. subtilis and B. licheniformis.
  • Butyric acid – normally formed with other short chain fatty acids by gut bacteria that may help keep excessive bacteria growth in check
  • C. Butyricum Miyarisan 330 – was not effective and maybe worsened the diarrhea.  Several people have mentioned this to me because, like me, they found it on blogs or forums where people hoped to have success by increasing their butyrate production.  Most Clostridia strains are linked with not-so-good things like Autism- check on pubmed.  Not worth the risk.

I don’t tell you these so you necessarily go try them all as well.  Just presenting them as optional adjunct therapies as I did also use all of them up until the point I cured it, and possibly tempering expectations as you read about these items thinking they may instantly work for you.  They did not for me.

Iodine and other halogens should be effective if they could reach the colon in large amounts.  This is because halogens will react with amino acids in cell walls. But that’s the same reason they can’t easily reach the colon because they react with protein throughout the entire digestive system. Bacteria, whether it is in spore form or vegetative form, still has cell walls which would react with these halogens.  Chlorine or Fluorine, as smaller particle sizes, would be more effective at penetrating biofilm and destroying the bacteria.  There’s something called MMS (miracle mineral solution) which is chlorine dioxide.  This is pitched by alternative health sites for killing many types of “unbeatable” infections.  Unfortunately, chlorine dioxide would also be toxic to the thyroid and the rest of the body.  

It would have been my last ditch solution after making poop pills, eating dirt, or using a homemade fecal matter transplant enema.  I think all of these could work in large enough doses.  Again, be safe.  There are formal clinics throughout the US performing FMT.  However, many of the patients seem to relapse probably for reasons outlined above.

After curing C. Diff, patients remain vulnerable to reinfection when using other antibiotics.  Here is a list of antibiotics that should be safe to use with an active or former C. Diff infection.  This does not mean these antibiotics will cure C. Diff, but patients have had some limited success with them against a background of good health and immunity.

  1. Riflaxamin (Xifaxin)
  2. Doxycycline, Minocycline, Hostacycline (or other Tetracyclines)
  3. Vancomycin
  4. Flagyl

The Cure:

Late one night after having to get out of bed for a run to the bathroom I was reading on my phone on the couch at 3am paralyzed with fear that this would never go away.  I found a Russian Patent application showing a certain bacteria B. Subtilis PB6 had “anticlerical” effects at small MIC (minimum inhibitory concentrations) against C. Difficile.  After all, many bacteria commonly produce antibiotic like substances that can kill other bacteria.  It also had a table comparing the quantities of C. Diff being treated with B. Subtilis vs B. Subtilis PB6 and only PB6 was effective in reducing the quantity (3).

I found it in a dog probiotic Vet Classics EZ Protegrity.

Yes, it says for use in dogs only.  I did use it orally with mild success at slowing the diarrhea at a rate of 2-3 tablets a day.  It does taste like fake liver.  However, I began to suspect most of its strength wasn’t reaching the colon with the infection.  I decided to administer rectally on a night my wife was out with her friends.

This is no exact science.  Fill up a stainless steel pot with as much distilled water as you suspect you will be able to handle via an enema bag.  Two quarts is typical.  Smash up two or three Protegrity Tablets and dissolve as best as possible in the water.

Put the mixture in the enema bag and hook it to a door knob or something slightly higher.  Insert the end with Vaselline.  Release the pincher cutting off the water supply.  Relax and take in as much as possible.  Stay near the toilet.

Hold for as long as possible.  Put feet above head to help ensure water travels deep into the colon.  Roll around.  Massage the intestine.

I was able to somehow hold mine all night.  In the middle of the night, I passed some of the worst gas my wife and I had ever smelled.  It literally woke us up out of a dead sleep.  It maybe was working at killing off C. Diff!

I woke up and had a fairly normal smelly bowel movement.  I felt better.  A lot better.  And after all that, it was over.  It hasn’t returned since.  This has worked for two other people that I know have tried it.

I have continued to use Heather’s Fiber to prevent any IBS like symptoms, and have continued to avoid potential causes of gut irritants like gums or bacteria depletion like UHT pasteurized milk which creates the difficult to digest lactulose, or even pasteurized orange juice.  I also avoid tap water which may destroy beneficial bacteria.  I also ingest more solid food than I was in the period leading up to infection to help give my gut something to work on removing water and to feed my bacteria.  I can again use glycine, taurine and collagen with no ill effects.  I don’t currently use any probiotics.  I do keep the dog probiotics on hand.

Also, I recommend you clean your house with diluted bleach to kill any spores hanging around.  Science has also shown that copper surfaces will kill the spores so it would be a good idea for hospitals to install more copper door handles.

Why do some people keep getting reinfected? 

Low bacteria numbers seem to lead to poor immunity.  According to studies, people with decreased immunoglobulin quantities seem predisposed to C. Diff.  It may be an entirely wrong analogy, but if you are trying to grow a nice lawn your best defense against weeds is not weed killer.  If you’ve used weed killer you know you kill the grass and the weeds, and then commonly the weeds take over that spot entirely because they grow faster and therefore, photosynthesize faster crowding out the grass. The best defense is a thick dense healthy turf.  Feed your turf (bacteria) some prebiotics and let it crowd out the bad actors.

Have you tried this cure? Did it work for you?

Because I rushed to complete this article, it is not complete with references.  That will be a project for another day.

Disclaimer:  Again… please see a doctor.  C. Diff can kill you.  I believe my cure worked for me and two others.  However, it may not work for you and may not be safe for you.  Most of mainstream medicine considers this bacteria borderline incurable (permanently) so it is unlikely a guy with a blog singlehandedly figured it out.  This article does not constitute medical advice.  I am not a doctor.  I am not liable for anything you do to yourself.

References (Work in Progress):

1) Berberine blocks the relapse of Clostridium difficile infection in C57BL/6 mice after standard vancomycin treatment.

2) Suppression by Saccharomyces boulardii of toxigenic Clostridium difficile overgrowth after vancomycin treatment in hamsters.


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Metabolites B.PB6 have a strong anticlericalism properties MIC are in the range of from 2.5 to 5.0 μg/ml against C. perfringens and from 5.0 to 10.0 μg/ml against C. difficile. The ethereal extracts from fermentati Bactisubtil®, Perenterol®, Bioplus 2B and Biosporinum not had any significant effect against C. perfringens ATCC13124 and C. difficile ATCC9689.