If your indicators are so good, why do you need to make money from subscribers?

We only have so much time and energy in our lives.  Our indicators are proprietary and provide a good value for the low monthly subscription cost.  By the way, we do not make 100% investment decisions / trades using our indicators.  There is always market risk that everyone is exposed to.  Not because we doubt the indicators, but because acting that way isn’t prudent or recommended.  We view building wealth as a marathon – not a sprint.  We recommend a diversified & balanced portfolio in case our indicators are wrong.  Placing all our financial resources behind a single trading strategy is not how we operate; neither should our subscribers.

Isn't similar information for free elsewhere on the internet?

Yes, lots of information is available to people who have time to look and load various charts across the internet.  Interpreting that information within context of other information requires experience that we offer and will provide on our site