Hi.  Thanks for stopping by my website.  It’s continually evolved over the years, and currently it can be summarized as a blog with various lengthy health articles based on my personal experiences, weekly updates to my proprietary stock market indicators, and a page with macroeconomic indicators.


I currently live with my wife and our beautiful angel dog named Gemma outside New Orleans, Louisiana.  I was raised in Saint Louis.  I then moved to Indiana to earn a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.  I played Division III football there which is likely what kicked off my interest in nutrition and training.


Because I did Air Force ROTC while in college, I became an officer in the Air Force in 2006.  Since then, I’ve tried and learned a lot – good and bad. I’ve been writing and actively involved in online nutritional circles since 2011. 


I’ve done the following diets: Standard American Diet (SAD), whole foods, veganism, vegetarianism, paleo, the “Perfect Health Diet,” and a “Ray Peat” inspired diet. Now, I’m mainly interested in supporting the metabolic rate with a variety of foods, but it’s most closely related to Ray Peat in that it avoids PUFA and emphasizes natural sugars and animal proteins.


I understand the strengths and weaknesses of each diet and lots of different foods. I’ve also experimented with many supplements and medications.


This site contains lots of experiments and ideas for life-hacking.  I like to think of my articles as well-researched.  That said, I’m open minded and some things that I might decide as settled at one point in my life might not seem so settled to me later.


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