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State of the Market – 14 September 2014

14 September 2014

The McClellan Summation index has entered a downturn.  The RSI remains overbought which leads me to believe there is plenty of room for it to fall.  The divergence between this peak and previous peaks shows some underlying weakness in the stock market. Long term remains elevated, but off it’s peak value which again, shows some underlying…

Testosterone Part 3

02 September 2014

Disclaimer – this post is up for historical purposes, but no longer endorse forcing yourself to drink a gallon of milk daily.  It turned out to be too much liquid for me.  This was post “Testosterone Part 3” in my three part series on raising Testosterone. Now that we’ve covered general ways to increase testosterone, I’m…

State of the Market – 27 August 2014

27 August 2014

Long term remains slightly off highs, but is still showing high prices. Medium term is quickly reaching overbought territory.  Short term has fallen from it’s recent peak and is making a slight upswing.  Normally, this behavior is negative for future price movements.  

State of the Market – 24 August 2014

24 August 2014

Here are the latest reading from my stock market indicators. Long term remains very overpriced. Medium term is back into positive territory and is slightly overpriced.  You can see the deterioration in this indicator since October 2013. Short term has begun falling from overbought levels. I still recommend light exposure to risk assets at this…

Testosterone Part 2

24 August 2014

Beginning at age 25, DHEA, the precursor of testosterone, production begins to decline. There’s lots of information out there about very singular approaches to raising testosterone levels.  Eat this.  Eat that. I’m going to combine all I’ve read and believe into a few more posts.  This article focuses on general lifestyle things to do. This method,…

Why You Shouldn’t Save Money

19 August 2014

Five years seems like forever to me.  All the things I could have done.  All the places I could have seen.   The psychological drawbacks of investing for the long term have begun to take hold.  The plan was the buy gold and silver and watch them explode in a glorious implosion of fiat currencies around…

State of the Market – 17 August 2014

17 August 2014

Long term prices remain very high. In the medium term, prices are slightly oversold and bouncing. In the short term prices are slightly overbought. I think the market has either bottomed or will be bottoming in August for a rise through mid September.  The Monetary Base continues to expand at a 20% annual rate.  This…

State of the Market – 13 August 2014

13 August 2014

 My short term indicator is nearing overbought levels.  Hold any purchases. My medium term indicator is currently oversold.  If you’re a big believer in the continuation of the bull market, this is not a bad entry point. The long term indicator remains very overbought.  I don’t know if this will ever matter.  But I believe…