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State of the Market – 15 October 2014

15 October 2014

Percent of stocks above 40 day moving average is at levels associated with bottoms for the last 15 years, except for the 2008 sell off. McClellan summation index is at lows for the last 8 years except for the 2008 sell off. Long term is almost back to neutral. Medium term is oversold and seems…

State of the Market – 12 October 2014

12 October 2014

ong trMedium term remains oversold and headed back to lows. Long term is nearing neutral territory for the first time since early 2012. Short term has sold off hard, but remains off lows.  It remains oversold. McClellan Summation index remains in a downtrend.    

State of the Market – 7 October 2014

07 October 2014

Long term remains overbought. Medium term is oversold.  We need to see this indicator build on itself (a higher low than a recent low) before we commit to getting long. Short term is slightly off oversold levels.   Percent of stocks above 200 day moving average near three year lows.  The only time it was below…

State of the Market – 30 September 2014

30 September 2014

Long term remains very overbought. Medium term is slightly oversold.  The fact that it’s lower than its previous low should be considered negative.Short term is slightly bouncing from oversold levels. McClellan Summation Index is showing persistent weakness. Cumulative Four Week New High – New Lows has also been declining and surpassed its recent low while…

State of the Market – 21 September 2014

21 September 2014

Long term is off highs and appears to be heading down.  However, it is still overbought. Medium term is slightly oversold, and it appears that its rate of descent is slowing.Short term is back near neutral territory.  If this rolls back over, expect hard selling. Silver continues to sell off.  Regrettably, the weekly RSI indicator…

Making Peatarian Topical Products

17 September 2014

One can become overwhelmed with choices and costs in a world filled with expensive topical products such as lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. Skin and hair cells require high cell metabolism (read: cellular respiration producing CO2, not lactic acid) for energy production.  There are a few hacks one can use to nourish these cells without breaking…

State of the Market – 14 September 2014

14 September 2014

The McClellan Summation index has entered a downturn.  The RSI remains overbought which leads me to believe there is plenty of room for it to fall.  The divergence between this peak and previous peaks shows some underlying weakness in the stock market. Long term remains elevated, but off it’s peak value which again, shows some underlying…