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State of the Market – 23 February 2015

23 February 2015

Long term is still off highs and trending slightly up.  The damage done in September to many stocks has yet to be recovered.     Medium term is slightly overbought, but off historically high levels.   Short term has declined the past few days. The market has seasonal tailwinds through April.  In addition, the VIX…

State of the Market – 15 February 2015

15 February 2015

Long term remains off overbought levels suggesting some weakening breadth of the market. Medium term is slightly overbought – less than recent highs.   Short term is getting close to overbought levels.  Remains less than the level reached last week.

State of the Market – 28 January 2015

28 January 2015

Short term is neutral. Medium term is slightly overbought. Long term is slightly overbought.   Composite indicator is slightly above neutral. If this weakness continues, we have a ways to go before reaching oversold conditions and good buying conditions.  Use caution.

State of the Market – 22 January 2015

22 January 2015

Short term is getting back to overbought. Composite indicator is slightly above neutral. Long term is only slightly overbought.  It is definitely off highs which shows some weakness in individual stocks.   Medium term is slightly below neutral. Usually this chaotic behavior to either side is not a good thing.  We’ll see if the indexes…