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Here is a collection of my favorite sites and books regarding health, love, philosophy, success and life.

Websites –

Ray Peat’s Site – A collection of Ray Peat’s articles


Dan Wich’s Toxinless – Dan does an outstanding job going through label after label of numerous supplements checking for less than desirable ingredients.


Danny Roddy’s Generative Energy Podcast Series – Danny Roddy is a an independent health research that is responsible for me learning about Ray Peat.  Without his work, I would have never fixed a lot of my health issues.


Ray Peat Forum – This is the best place to find a collection of minds researching and experimenting with various ideas to remedy their health concerns.


Cheryl Frost’s Bodybuilding Coaching Site – Cheryl is a professional bodybuilder that believes eating sugar is good for you.  She has books and plans for body builders.  That doesn’t mean you have to be a body builder to use her plans.


Ari Whitten’s site for Maximal Energy and Permanent Fat Loss – Ari has several books published on methods to support the metabolic rate.  As you can see, he also stays in good shape.

Scott Abel’s site on physique building, metabolism and nutrition

Kate Deering’s site on nutrition and fitness