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Websites –

Ray Peat’s Site – A collection of Ray Peat’s articles

Danny Roddy’s Generative Energy Podcast Series – Danny Roddy is a an independent health research that is responsible for me learning about Ray Peat.  Without his work, I never would have fixed a lot of my health issues.

Ray Peat Forum – This is the best place to find a collection of minds researching and experimenting with various ideas to remedy their health concerns.

SelfTestable Feelin’ better through biomarkers.

Absolutely Pure Low PUFA Skin Care.

The Nutrition Coach  Nutritionist putting into practice the research of Ray Peat Ph.D.

Slim Birdy Weight loss, easy wholefood recipes, Ray Peat inspired.

Honestly Karen Karen’s journey from low carb hell to wellness.

Nutricrinology Driving Physiology Through Nutrition.

Nutrition Deconstructed Podcast Philosophy of science, centered on nutrition and health.

Kate Deering How to heal your metabolism.

Self Synthesize  Live a high frequency lifestyle.

Jay Feldman Health researcher and coach.

Alex Fergus Helping people look and feel amazing.

Cows Eat Grass  Anti-dogma blog.

F*ck Portion Control Making the human condition a little easier.

Fatigue Recovery The degenerative processes are caused by defects in our environment.

Red Light Man Photobiomodulation therapy.

Toxinless Spending hours comparing the ingredients of food and supplement brands.

Valtsus Articles on health, nutrition, relationships etc…