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Scott’s Stock Market Indicators – 4/2/18

03 April 2018

Here are the latest readings from my stock market indicators. Medium term is getting oversold but showing a clear positive divergence from the major indicators indicating a potential medium term bottom given the yield curve still hasn’t inverted. However, this indicator still hasn’t technically bottomed and turned up so some caution is warranted. Short term…

Scott’s Stock Market Indicators – 3/13/18

13 March 2018

Ultra short term declined off of recent highs today. Not oversold yet. Short term slightly declined today. Definitely not oversold – partially overbought. Medium term is overbought again but heavily lagging its recent peak possibly showing some amount of weakness in individual stocks.

Scott’s Stock Market Indicators – 2/15/18

15 February 2018

Long term indicator remains very overbought. Medium term indicator, for some reason, hasn’t gotten off the ground with this most recent strong rally. Short term indicator is getting back to overbought. Ultra short term indicator is also getting back to overbought, and is perhaps rolling over.

My Stock Indicators – 1/10/18

10 January 2018

Hi Everyone, It’s been awhile.  I’m still alive, and still interested in the stock market, economics, and health.  I’ve unfortunately been busy at work, with a new house, and wasting time on social media. My experiment with smashtrades.com failed – I didn’t invest as much time as needed into it, and so much good content…

Stock Market Indicators – February 17th, 2016

17 February 2016

I hope that our new site, www.smashtrades.com, is finished soon so that we can start populating content there for subscribers.  There will be a free service still, but the data will be delayed or selected at random to be provided at real time.  Subscribers will get access to all content – whether they are monthly…

Stock Market Indicators – February 9th, 2016

09 February 2016

Here are the latest readings from our proprietary stock market indicators.  The market has been decidedly negative lately.  Pretty much since the day after the Fed decided to raise rates. The short term oscillator is reaching oversold levels once again.  It is showing a positive divergence from the low reached around 1/16/2016.  This is a…