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Scott’s Stock Market Indicators – 8/12/2018

12 August 2018

Long term is slightly overbought. Medium term is neutral and lagging the performance of the S&P. Short term neutral and also lagging the S&P. Ultra short term is slightly negative. Not oversold. Given the seasonality and behind the scenes hints of my indicators, the market is running on fumes, and at least is due for…

Scott Schlegel’s Stock Market Indicators – 6-17-18

17 June 2018

Medium term is overbought and seemingly at its recent peak level. It is slightly lagging the S&P given its recent high is less than one made over a month ago. This shows some disconnect between the broader market and the SP-500. Short term seems to have broken down out of its ascending trend. Ultra short…

Scott Schlegel’s Stock Market Indicators: 6-7-18

07 June 2018

The medium term indicator did a fine job of identifying a tradeable bottom. It is still lagging the S&P-500 which should cause some confident loss in the long side of the trade. Right now the market seems to have a one track mind – going up until behavior changes. Short term comments reflect the same….

Scott Schlegel’s Stock Market Indicators – 6-3-18

03 June 2018

Short term is slightly overbought and is exhibiting a pattern of higher lows and lower highs on the recent rally. Medium term seems to have decidedly turned lower in spite of marching higher indexes. If this is truly getting close to the end of this recent rally, we’ll continue to see some rotation of funds…

Scott’s Stock Market Indicators – 4/2/18

03 April 2018

Here are the latest readings from my stock market indicators. Medium term is getting oversold but showing a clear positive divergence from the major indicators indicating a potential medium term bottom given the yield curve still hasn’t inverted. However, this indicator still hasn’t technically bottomed and turned up so some caution is warranted. Short term…