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Stress Revisited

10 July 2015

It’s been two years since I first wrote “The Eat as Much as Possible Diet.” and eight months since I wrote my last health related article.  I’ve heard from many people saying what a miracle it has been to their lives.  Better sleep, less hypothyroid symptoms, better hair, skin, nails, better mood, re-found personalities.  I somewhat…

5 Health Supplements That Are Bad For You

18 October 2014

I will admit that at one point I’ve tried all these health supplements and even swore by some of them at one time.  However, they are not consistent with my current ideology of first doing no harm, and then incorporating good things.  This article will cover curcumin, resveratrol, carnitine, fish oil and nitric oxide supplements….

Making Peatarian Topical Products

17 September 2014

One can become overwhelmed with choices and costs in a world filled with expensive topical products such as lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. Skin and hair cells require high cell metabolism (read: cellular respiration producing CO2, not lactic acid) for energy production.  There are a few hacks one can use to nourish these cells without breaking…

Testosterone Part 3

02 September 2014

Disclaimer – this post is up for historical purposes, but no longer endorse forcing yourself to drink a gallon of milk daily.  It turned out to be too much liquid for me.  This was post “Testosterone Part 3” in my three part series on raising Testosterone. Now that we’ve covered general ways to increase testosterone, I’m…

Testosterone Part 2

24 August 2014

Beginning at age 25, DHEA, the precursor of testosterone, production begins to decline. There’s lots of information out there about very singular approaches to raising testosterone levels.  Eat this.  Eat that. I’m going to combine all I’ve read and believe into a few more posts.  This article focuses on general lifestyle things to do. This method,…

Testosterone Part 1

12 August 2014

Testosterone.  What makes a man a man.   It makes men able to make decisions.  It makes men confident.  It makes men lean and strong.  It makes men leaders of men.  It empowers men to set boundaries.  It makes men have erections harder than armadillos.   Being low Testosterone (Total Testosterone <375 ng/dl) can have horrible…

6 Healthy Foods that Most People Think Are Toxic

05 August 2014

After lots of hate from girls I know because I picked on their precious avocados, I’ll win a few points back with this.  It really is amazing how trendy foods are. Almost every girl I know loves red wine, almonds, and avocados.  I’m not telling you not to eat avocados.  Never let someone else make a…

5 Toxic Foods that People Think Are Healthy

27 July 2014

5 toxic foods that most people think are healthy. 1. Avocado First, avocado does NOT pass a basic taste test for whether or not to eat it.  I don’t care what you have to say about how you like them. Just like you like the taste of Kale. Sure, when mixed with cheese, peppers, onions, salsa…

How to Get Rid of Acne

16 July 2014

Most of my uncles had pretty bad acne while growing up. I had so much acne that I had to take three separate cycles of Accutane, and was about to start my fourth when I was 22 and discovered other methods for preventing it.  Based on my experiences and knowledge, here is how I recommend…